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​​Our service consists in responding successfully to the need of our clients in terms of composition and musical arrangements. Some of our clients are soloists, orchestras, bands or specific instrumental groups of any kind.  Our last work have been related to jingles, songs, hymns, incidental music, and musical production of a CD.

Step Nº 1:

We take contact with our client to tie ideas and acknowledge what they desired to accomplish with their song. We need to know the style or musical references to be able to achieve the desired sound on the new creation. Fifty percent (50%) of the total cost must be paid in advance to start working.

Step Nº 2:

A preliminary sample of the song will be finished in seven days. Depending on the size of the project it could take more days. The preliminary song sample is to rectify details on lyrics, music or instrumentation of the musical arrangement. This step is repeated if necessary.

Step Nº 3:​

The song will be recorded on a CD, with a professional quality and the back ground or track. The rest of the payment needs to be completed.

Your Proyect

Are you thinking about recording your own album? We guarantee a work of excellence

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