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Juan Antonio Gonzalez Espinoza, born 1984, in Santiago. Juan explores different escenarios from childhood, since his father Juan Gonzalez Silva leads a successful career as a comedian (Indolatinos) and travled arround Chile with his son Juan Antonio (John GO !).
When Juan GO! has about 10 years old, he begins to appreciate the music he always heard on the radio and other media, making dream and motivating him self to develop a talent that was already beginning to appear in him.
Growing up, John GO! started to become a singer and dancer performing in various school activities, and in his
neighborhood. His choreography were highlight among his school environment.
Juan GO! also participates as a singer for Abgir (a contemporaneous band), who recorded some simple and performed in various parts of Chilean music circuit, having some appearances on  TV: channel thirteen, vision and TVN Chile. After the dissolution of the group, Juan GO! focuses more on his dreams of singing as a soloist, and began composing and writing songs based on his experiences and worldview.
In early 2010, he began working as a sound technician in the NEXUS recording studio where he was  discovered as a singer by NEXUS company. He started to participate singing NEXUS songre like: "You and I can more". This song was created in response to the
earthquake catastrophic that happened in February, 2010 in Chile. This song was used as the anthem of reconstruction of the city of Curico, successfully closing an event to collect money for the affected by the eathquake, it appears on radio and television of the region.
Currently Juan GO! is preparing his first album with
NEXUS Producer.

Listen to a preview of his next album

Juan GO!

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