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Story of a Dream

In 2001 recently graduated as "Specialist instrumental arrangements of popular music and composition" at the Modern School of Music (Santiago de Chile). We were three young people full of hopes and dreams of what the future could store for our professional lifes.


We came up with an agency of professional composers, the original idea was to through auditions find very talented people who would like to sing our songs, and help them reach their potential, promoting them in the musical arena.


At that time, we found two girls that met our profile and started to work. We realized that to make a really professional work, a recording studio was needed: our own.


To be honest, as young professionals, we did not have many financial resources to undertake for such a task. Nonetheless, wit a lot of creativity and effort, we gathered enough money to build the studio.


Well, actually things are rarely as one imagines them to be in our dreams, and I think one of the hardest things to take was to have the patience to wait until the studio was finished. After we had experienced many things together we were able to reach the final stage of construction and technical implementation of the NEXUS studio to be able to creat our own song production.


We believe the time passed has not been in vain, by the contrary, it was necesary to mature as songwriters and as individuals. We feel that now is the time and if after all we have gone through, our desire to contribute with what we do best and what we most love to do is still intact, it is because we really are "tied", "interlaced" (NEXUS) with our vocation as songwriters and musicians. We want to give the public our art, our time and our commitment with passion.


NEXUS Songs Producer is the result of something that God have laid in our harts and now we offer it all to you: hoping to deliver a work of excellency, meeting the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

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