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Compare  prices with the market and you will be back with us without doubt


1. - My ong needs to sound professionally ... How can you help me?
R. - If you have the lyrics and melody of a song, we can do an instrumental arrangement in the style you specify, this includes re-harmonization, instrumentation, recording and mastering of your song.

2. - I've written songs but ... How can I register them for copyright, to avoid being a victim of plagiarism?
R. - We write the melody and lyrics so you can go to register it at DDI Intellectual Rights Department. This for only $ 20 (the registration fee is not included, which is around $ 8 dolars in Chile)

3. - I want to get my first new production of 1000 copies professionally ... How much would it cost  specifically?
R. - A project like this takes time and dedication. The good thing is that we will give you a great deal for 8 songs: $ 500
USD  per song (you save $ 1,600 USD per package) so a disc of eight songs would cost $ 4,000 usd + hours of studio recording (the voice), this could cost $ 224 US if it takes two hours per song, charging $ 14 USD per hour. You need to add the cost of duplication (external company), it cost arround $ 1,100 USD. The result will be 1000 copies in Digipaks (professional). Each CD would have eight new songs done in your style and your needs, for only: $5,324 USD

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