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Demonstration of some works done

It's your true love for me: Original music by Nexus Song Produccion, composed specially for WHCI/AIDS Consortium of Philadelphia presents their work against "Erasing the Stigma" at the Gala 2011. Listen  to

"It's your true love for me "



La Red Nex to you: This Jingle was requested by Marcelo Foncillas, Audiovisual director of TV channel “La Red”, Santiago Chile. (in spanish)

John Go!: A young chilean singer who is in the biginning of his career, selected NEXUS Production to produce him. At this time we are presenting as a taste of his new album "Hope returns today" the song "You and I can more". This album is currently been recorded in Nexus recording studio.

Listen  to "You and I can more " (in spanish)


Kade Duo: This duo is performing "Anchored to you", a song which was produced by NEXUS to be presented at the National Festival XII Concón a song to Mar 2013.

 Listen to "Anchored to you " (in spanish)




The Insipiracion: This song was written in January, 2010 for our client FACTOR 5 consultants, its purpose is to promote some of its key ideas used at its training and upgrading of human capital.

 Listen to "When I Find Inspiration " (in spanish)



More to Love: This song was composed especially for Octavio Oyarzun, talented Chilean musician and singer, who requested our services to send this song to the Festival of Viña del Mar.

Listen to " More than Love " (in spanish)

The Flight: This song that is part of the first production of Jose Horacio, singer who is currently preparing his first new album with us.

Listen to " Flight " (in spanish)


It happens that I remember: This song was written by "Daniel Kade" one of our composers and producers. You can listen more about him in my space

 Listen to  " It happens that I remember " (in spanish)

Your love went away : This song was written by "Jorge Morales Kaiser" another of our composer and producers, Currently, specializing and working with NEXUS from Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Listen to " Your love went away " (in spanish)

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