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Daniel Kade

On the morning of January 26, 1976, born in the city of Santiago, Daniel Andres Figueroa Soto, the second son of Cecilia Figueroa and Julio Soto.

Due to their particular personality and boundless energy to Daniel since he was little difficult to fit in the canons preset by the system, and the school was not his exception, going through several schools during his early childhood.

Although his connection to the music was always present, at the age of thirteen he asked for a guitar, which became against all odds his accomplice of his musical career. Aided by Silvio Rodriguez songbooks and some friends from the neighborhood, Daniel begins, a self-taught, studying and practicing, perfecting his technique more and discovering his own style.

A year later he began to write, and discovered the universe of the composition and it is in this fertile ground he started to develop a rich inner world, intellectually active and critical, many of closes to day still don not understand.

For Daniel, his creations become a trench from which to face a world that was hostile to a precocious teenager who did not conform to the reality set before their eyes. For this reason he does not appear to festivals and competitions, leaving him only for his music and for those who really appreciate him.

At sixteen, Daniel acquired his first electric guitar model Stratocaster, with which he begins to explore new musical styles. At the same time, his classmate Mark Cerda (drummer of the school's musical workshop) invited him to participate in a band that wanted to venture into the Jazz Fusion, which later would be call Inconsistency. It was with this band that he won two consecutive years the school band festival "School of Rock" Balmaceda 1215, taking them on tour to different colleges around Santiago, gaining recognition, gaining experience and adding hours of scenario in the body. This new form of music made Daniel discovered a taste for performing in front of a live audience.

At twenty, he decided to devote himself to music, study composition and arrangment at the Modern School of music. He finished his graduate studies in four years but has still pending his title.

Even today in his long musical career: a couple of composition done for film and audiovisual performed in theaters, appeared in dozens of scenarios and has performed and recorded with dozens of musicians performing as guitarist, bassist, singer, composer, arranger, and producer.

To date, Kade Daniel has a list of about fifty private students and prepares to launch his own first two albums.

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