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Our clients come from varied fields and professions. As music is everywhere in our daily lives we have been requested: anthems for schools and sports clubs, commercial jingles, dedicated songs, musical composition in style for self-produced singers. Consultants who want to energize and enhance your messages and key ideas through music. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Some of our clients

• Factor 5: They are a consulting firm focused on human capital management. They have significant experience in training and consulting. For this company we have created two songs and a jingle, focused on the delivery of contents and educational material created by them.

• Edelweiss Chile: A private company engaged in marketing, product creation and development. Their activities reaches both national and international market: aimed primarily to improve the competitiveness and quality of innovative products using the technology and natural resources. For this company we are creating a series of songs that will be included in some of its baby products (doll that sings).

• José Horacio: His musical style fits the genre of popular music "American Folck songs". We worked on a production for his single "The Flight", 2010.

• Little China: China is a small food store called "around 500" in Santa Cruz. Our work for them was to create a jingle to advertice their store, which is announced on local radio and in local Little China.

• John Go! : His musical style could be defined as Pop Soul Christian, we are working on the production of an album that will be ready by April 2013.


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